Spartan Blades Fixed: Ronin Shinto

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The Spartan blades crew teamed up with RONIN Tactics, their old team mate Tu Lam, to create the Ronin Shinto. Shinto, meaning the establish connection between the ways of the old and the ways of the new, is an apt name for their latest blade. The blade oozes an old school vibe with its almost kukri-esque recurve blade profile, yet is totally new-school in construction. The PVD blade with protect the blade from corrosion, and the black canvas micarta scales feature a subtle texture that is grippy without being overly aggressive. The Shinto melts into your hand and is well suited for combative or general use roles. Comes with nylon molle sheath.
Overall Length: 10.5 in
Blade Length:
5.625 in
Cutting Edge Length: 5 in
Blade Thickness: .185 in
Weight: 8.8 ounces (without sheath)
Blade Steel: CPM S45VN
Handle Material:
Micarta scales over full length tang
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