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Hangar System Parts:

About the Hangar System: Organize your desk, workspace, bedside table, or any other surface in style with the Skyraider Knives Hangar System! Part valet tray, part organizer, the Hangar System consists of individual pieces that can be mixed, matched, and combined into the perfect solution for your needs. Each component features multiple storage or organizational elements, and work in tandem with each other for a clutter-free station.  The Hangar's flexibility allows for dozens of combinations, or you can deploy each part solo to add utility to any work surface. Each Hangar System component is precision machined from 6061 aluminum, and given a tough yet classy Gunmetal anodized finish. Each part is available individually, giving you maximum flexibility to outfit your Hangar to your needs.

This Mini Hangar Tray is the smaller brother to the full sized Hangar Tray. Mini valet tray, parts organizer, and ultimate workstation customization, the Mini Hangar is the start - or finishing touch - to a perfect workstation or gear storage solution. Perfect for adding more utility to your larger hangar setup, smaller workstations, or multiple "docks" for other Hangar System components. The Tray features two main individual sections to organize your parts and gear that double as docks for other Hangar components allowing you to customize your Hangar to your needs. The perimeter has been grooved for easy handling on the move, and the bottom features 4 non-slip rubber feet to keep the Hangar planted. Textured rubberized neoprene pads keep your gear safe, and can be removed for cleaning. Every corner has been chamfered and rounded, so there are no sharp edges to catch.

Keep your EDC organized on your counter, setup the perfect hobby workstation, or have your tools sorted and ready to deploy anywhere! Anywhere you need to keep things sorted or organized, is where the Hangar is at home.  See the Hangar System components below for more info.

  • Dimensions: 6.375 x 3.5 inches
  • Height: .5 in
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Included: Rubberized neoprene section liners

The Skyraider Knives Hangar Tray System is the ideal solution to organize your gear, and an indispensable addition to your workspace. Comprised of several unique elements, each piece of the Hangar System can serve as a standalone component - or work in unison with other parts - to let you customize the perfect addition to your organizational needs.

Hangar Tray

The Hangar Tray is the mothership for the system. Like the name suggests, the Hangar allows you to dock other System parts in cutouts, allowing yo to customize and expand the Hangar. Fill them up with System parts, or leave the spots open as additional sorting sections or organizations spaces.

Mini Hangar Tray

The same idea as the Hangar Tray, but more compact! Perfect for smaller spaces, or adding some additional capability to your larger Hangar setup.

Loadout - Bit Holder

With storage for sixteen 1/4 inch hex drive bits, four small parts organizers, and the central driver perch, the Loadout Bit Holder is a must-have for your workspace. Nests into both the Hangar and Mini Hangar, or can be a standalone part for your bench.

Resupply - Small Organizer

The Resupply Small Organizer gives you four storage sections to add to your Hangar or Mini Hangar, and can be used without any other system parts. The large section is perfect for random parts, cleaning solutions and other miscellaneous gear. The three round storage compartments can hold smaller application bottles, small parts, or bundles of smaller tools like q-tips and toothpicks.

Crew Chief - Large Organizer

The Crew Chief Organizer combines the Loadout Bit Holder and Resupply Organizer into a jack-of-all-trays addition to your Hangar System. The only 'standalone' part of the system, the Crew Chief brings extra utility to your Hangar setup with one large storage compartment, three small storage compartment (one with integrated driver perch), and storage slots for eight 1/4 inch hex bits.

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