Shirogorov Knives: Quantum Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern - Bronze

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The next level of bitchin' Shirogorov Knives x Monkey Edge is here! Introducing the Quantum Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern Edition! The incredible quality and attention to detail of Shirogorov has never been more apparent than with the Quantum in both design and execution. The Quantum is a perfect mid/large sized pocket carry with a slim, light build - and as Shirogorov is famous for, packing a larger-than-you'd-expect blade into the frame thanks to some smart engineering and incredible tolerances! The curving, sweeping profile is both comfortable in hand and provides an exceptional cutting experience. This knife has some killer features that puts it at the head of the class:

  • Beyond butter smooth and lightning fast MRBS (Multi-row bearing system) pivot
  • Internal machined pockets on both lock and presentation frame sides shed weight while remaining sturdy
  • Lock interface insert is hidden from the profile of the lockbar and adds toughness, longevity and easy replacement of the lock contact surface
  • Incredible tolerances and design allows for as large a blade as possible to tuck into the frame
  • Large blade in a slim, streamlined form factor
  • Custom stepped and scalloped machined titanium pocket clip with hidden hardware
  • Strategic thumb and low profile flipper jimping for fine control without going over the top
  • Matching custom hardware (pivot, clip screw, standoff and scale hardware)
  • Beautifully machined and chamfered titanium frame
  • Absolutely exceptional used of Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern on both frame sides
  • Shirogorov and MEFP logos engraved on the frame

The Frame: The scales are titanium in Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern with bronze anodized, tumbled finish. Machined titanium pocket clip with matching finish. Custom pivot, scale hardware and clip screw with classic blasted finish.

The Blade: Double flat ground Cromax PM stainless blade. Silky smooth blasted and light tumbled finish on the blade matches the custom frame hardware.

  • Overall Length: 8.875 inches
  • Blade Length: 4.25 inches*
  • Cutting Edge Length: 4.1 inches*
  • Blade Thickness: .140 in
  • Weight: 4.3 ounces
  • Blade Steel: Cromax PM
  • Handle Material: Titanium
  • Included: Box, authenticity card, and microfiber cloth with Shirogorov Knives logo

*Note: Folks always call and email us second guessing these numbers. These measurements are done by us, and are derived from how we measure blades. 'As the crow flies' from the tip to the end of the sharpened part of the blade is 4.1 inches. However, from the tip to the forward most part of the frame is SHORTER than 4.1 inches (about 3.75 inches) because the edge extends under and past the forward frame line. In our methodology, it does not compute to have an edge length that is longer than the blade itself (and different measurements can land people in hot water due to local laws). So we measure from tip to roughtly the spot where the sharpening choil meets the frame. Different blade shapes and certain blade to frame geometry makes some traditional measuring 'standards' short circuit, like in this case, so we go off what makes sense in our heads. If you want the Shirogorov number, look at their data. These knives are the same size and shape as all Quantums.

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