RMJ Tactical: Hickory Thumper Ass Whoopin' Stick

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Yup, sometime when you are angry, you need to smash some sh!t up. Welp, RMJ has got you covered on that front with The Angry Steve Hickory Thumper! Hand made from Tennessee Hickory and built for bashin and general Ass Whoopin' needs! Thinner than your average bat, the 'Steve' is more baton-like than anything for faster swings. Why hickory, you ask? Well aside from using local materials to the RMJ shop, hickory excels far beyond many other types of wood for impact resistance and is very dense so it absorbs and withstands impacts very well. The burned finish both looks cool, and helps deburr some and seal the wood to a degree. Paracord lanyard and slight pommel gives more control and help retain the Thumper in case of a while swing. Comes in 12 inch, 18.5 inch and 24.5 inch lengths.

  • Diameter (at widest point): 1.390 in
  • Weight: 13 oz (24.5 in)
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