RMJ Tactical: Handle Set - Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern

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Need to add 100% more Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern to your RMJ Tactical knife or tomahawk? Tired of that stock color handle and want to change it up? Well, you are in the right place! The RMJ Tactical crew got us hooked up with these MEFP G10 handle sets for your favorite model, so you don't have to live that sad, lonely, MEFP-less life! Available for most RMJ models/model patterns, the full list of each model pattern (meaning one grip fits on several models) below. If a handle style is model-specific, it will just be listed in the options as that model.

Combat Africa Pattern: Combat Africa, Da Choppa

Kestrel Pattern: Kestrel, Kestrel Feather

Sparrow Pattern: Sparrow, Coho, Korbin, Jackdaw

NOTE: Compatible with newer RMJ products with removable handles. If your gear is older with the riveted style handle hardware, you will not be able to remove your grips to replace them with these.

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