RMJ Tactical: Gold Point Trade Hawk - Basket Weave w/Textured Curly Maple

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Hand forged with blood, sweat and cussin' at Ryan Johnson's Gold Point Forge! Ryan is known to have many talents: singing, world-famous Cordon bleu recipes, philanthropy (he gave Rob a job, after all), just to name a few. What you may NOT know about Ryan, is that he is an expert of beating molten hot metals into submission. A certified snake charmer of the steel, you might say. Well, every now and again, he decides to flex those honed hammering hands and create stunning pieces of usable art. This Trade Hawk is one such example! Patterned after colonial trade tomahawk designs, with his own personal blend of spices, the head can be removed from the handle for easier stowage. The head features a mild steel body with carbon steel forge welded core. 

The Head: Forged head featuring a tall, classic profile finished with a patina forge-scaled finish and complete with stamped maker's marks. This one features a forged basket weave pattern around the eye behind the cheek.
The Handle: Custom curly maple handle featuring the signature texture that the Defiance 1904 lathe is known for.

Note: Each tomahawk is a unique work of art. The one you see is the one you get!

  • Handle Length: 18.75 inches
  • Head Length: 6.25 inches (back of poll to forward edge)
  • Edge Length: 3.685 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound 8.6 oz 
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