RMJ Tactical: Gold Point BSK - Brass Patina

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The Gold Point BSK comes straight from Ryan's shop, from the depths of the GPF R&D Rapid Prototyping and Hammock Devision. The BSK is classic Knuckle design taking cues from RMJ's Snuckles as well as some fresh new lines. The generous finger hole sizing keeps the BSK in place for a wide variety of hand sizes, oversized enough to keep your fingers safe but allow the right ammount of control. The business end comes to four points, making sure the message is heard loud and clear. One of the changes on the BSK is that since they come from the GPF R&D PRHD, this allows smaller batches of BSK's to get made on the quick in small batches from differnt materials and with unique motifs and finishes! 

About this BSK: Four-fingered BSK design featuring the RMJ Anvil and Angry Steve logo, diamond texturing, and patinated finish.

Know your local laws. Some places don't like meat tenderizers that fit your hand.


Notes on Brass:

This is a disclaimer for all you folks who slept through high school chemistry class or somehow not aware of the nature of brass.  All metals will change colors and looks over time depending on use, environment etc. This is especially true with brass. This means it may get a darker, may change colors with patina, or it may get shiny and polished where it is rubbed by another material (like say your pocket). If ya want it to stay all shiny and new looking, you will have to keep polishing it with a product like Brasso or any of the homegrown solutions you can find with an internet search. OR, you can accept that what make brass a cool material is that your piece will change over time and tell its own stories and truly become one of a kind.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • 5 inches wide x 3 inches tall
  • Stock thickness: .375 in
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