PSD Designs Titanium Spiker Bead

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So, when we got in these new beads from Paul, we got to admit we got started thinking maybe he was doing some sorcery or something over at his shop 'cause these beads are IN-SANE! Seriously, the amount of different angles and planes made our heads start to hurt thinking about how complex the machining and fixturing had to be, that we needed to take a break and eat some ice cream to cool off our brains. We had to reach out to Paul to give us some specifics because of the putty in our heads:
  • Machined from solid piece 62 gram 6Al4V titanium
  • Final weight of the machined bead is under 9 grams, meaning 85% of the starting material is machined away
  • The shape of the bead is a 'Small Stellated Dodecahedron'. Google it!
  • Each Spiker bead has been given a tumbled finish, and has a super small PSD logo on one flat
These titanium beads are perfect to tie on your folder lanyard or use as zipper pulls (or even putting on your desk or shelf, they are real works of art). Being produced from high grade titanium, these weigh almost nothing and are darn near indestructible!

Alright folks, we need to go over one thing about these beads, so don't skip this bit. As the name would imply: THESE BEADS ARE POINTED. 'Spiker' as in, it is a SPIKED bead. If you don't know what 'spike' means, look it up. So in a nutshell, though these have been tumbled, they still have points on them, and if ya didn't know points are pointy and will poke you. They ain't gonna impale you or nothin, but if you sit on it or whack it on your knuckle or something, it is gonna hurt. Understand this before ya buy one. If you get one and want to return it, we will make fun of you, relentlessly.
  • Material: 6AL4V aircraft grade titanium
  • Outside Dimensions: .990 inch from widest point
  • Hole Diameter: .25 inch
  • Weight: .3 oz
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