PSD Designs Titanium Jumbo Pineapple Bead/Pull w/Glow Inlay

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The famous PSD Pineapple Bead, JUMBO Sized! As the name suggests, Paul took his Pineapple Bead design and cranked them up in size. But wait, there's more! Not only did Paul super size the beads, but he added an inlaid glow in the dark ring on the end of each one! Perfect for helping find your keys, zipper pulls and other gear in the dark. You might be thinking, "That is amazing! Surely nothing else could have been done with these beads to make them cooler??". Well, you'd be wrong! Because these beefy beads are larger in diameter, Paul machined out the inside diameter of the non-glow side, allowing you to have a 'hidden' knot! Simple tie your cord knot, trim the excess, and boom - your bead hands on the lanyard without seeing the knot. Each bead is a marvel of multiple angles, machined cuts, beveled edges and satin finish. Perfect to tie on your folder lanyard or use as zipper pulls. Being produced from high grade titanium, these weigh almost nothing and are darn near indestructible! Each beat is finished with a natural satin finish, and is available in three different colored glow inlays.
Material: 6AL4V aircraft quality titanium w/glow inlay
Outside Dimensions: .880 in tall x .730 in wide
Hole Diameter: .25 inch
Weight: .5 ounce
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