PSD Designs Titanium Clobber Bead

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We will admit, every time Paul lets on that he has some new project in the works, we start salivating a little. After MONTHS of mentioning his new bead was nearing completion and almost ready to show the world, we finally got in a nice little packing from PSD. After tearing it open like it was Christmas morning, we got eyes on what we had been dreaming of... and our brains proceeded melted out of our ears. Paul has always been the master of designing and creating precision made pieces of functional EDC artwork, and the Clobber Bead continues this legacy. The Clobber Bead's design consists of a ball end with 11 spikes, and a cylindrical 'handle' that extends past the spikes and terminates in a rounded pommel with flats and lanyard hole. While our smooth little brains are recovering from the data flowing from optical inputs, Paul was kind enough to provide some specs on the Clobber Bead:

  • Machined from 6Al4V titanium, coming in at 10 grams
  • Bead consists of 12 individually precision machined parts
  • Eleven 'spikes' are precision pressed into the main body, and will not fall out
  • Each 'spike' has a rounded tip so it does not come to a sharp point

These titanium beads are perfect to tie on your folder lanyard, hang on a chain or cord around your neck, attach to your keys, or use as zipper pulls (or even putting on your desk or shelf, they are real works of art). Each one comes in at just under 1.5 inches long from tip to end of 'handle', and is just under an inch measured form tip of spike to opposite tip of spike. Being produced from high grade titanium, these weigh almost nothing and are darn near indestructible!

Paul has also devised a cool way to attach the Clobber Bead to a lanyard (pictured above) and has made a video to show you how to make one yourself!

Alright folks, we need to go over one thing about these beads, so don't skip this bit. Using our eyes and logic, you can see that the Clobber Bead features 11 pointed 'spikes' on it. Each spiked cone has a rounded tip, but they are still pretty small in overall size. So in a nutshell, though each cone has been rounded so they don't come to a sharp, hard point, they still have points on them, and if ya didn't know points are pointy and will poke you. They ain't gonna impale you or nothin, but if you sit on it or whack it on your knuckle or something, it is gonna hurt. Understand this before ya buy one. If you get one and want to return it, we will make fun of you, relentlessly.
  • Material: 6AL4V aircraft grade titanium
  • Length: 1.438 in (1 and 7/16th inch) from end of 'handle' to tip of top spike
  • Outside Dimensions: .938 in (15/16th inch) from spike to opposite spike
  • Hole Diameter: .188 in (3/16th inch)
  • Weight: 10 grams
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