PSD Designs Pod V3 w/Magnetic Closure - Titanium

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Simple at first glance, but oh-so much detail under the surface! Paul has outdone himself again! The new V3 Pods add a new twist to Paul's Ti Pod lineup - a magnetic closure!
Paul Stasiak of PSD Designs has released another machined titanium masterpiece! The Pod V3 started life as a solid chunk of titanium, painstakingly machined into the heirloom-level piece you see. The outside features a round, symmetrical overall shape with rounded corners. The outside has been finished with a fine tumbled finish that will help hide some of the wear the pod might pick up with use. When you take off the lid, though, things start to get even more interesting! With simple twist and pull, the titanium lid comes right off - but there are no threads! Nope, the Pod lid is held in place by 24 very small yet powerful magnets precision set and affixed in both the main container body and the lid. On top of that, the magnets are set in an alternating 'positive, negative' position. So when opening a slight twist will break the magnetic bond, and twisting the lid further will actually line up two magnets of the same polarity, affectively repelling the two pieces apart! Needless to say, this is incredibly satisfying to open and close, and you might find you just sit and play with the Pod for fun. The inside chamber has a satin finish, and the bottom is rounded to easily retrieve small items. If all that were not enough to blow your socks off, the internal chamber of the pod widens as it clears the magnets, giving you more volume for storage.

"Yeah, well magnets might be strong, but won't the lid just slide off laterally if pressed to the side? Nope! Paul though of that, and the lid actually has a small protruding lip that fits into the inside diameter of the body's opening, precision fit for a snug fit while remaining easy to put on and take off. This makes it so you can securely toss your Pod in a pocket or pack, and the lid will stay in place through normal carry. And like all of Paul's gear, the Pod is built like a tank, looks incredible and will outlast your grandkids!

  • Material: Titanium
  • Outside Dimensions: 1.72 in Diameter x 1 in tall
  • Inside Diameter: 1.44 in at mouth (1.5 inch at widest point, see diagram picture)
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
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