PSD Designs Monkey Wrench Tool For Strider Folders

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The world famous PSD Monkey Wrench tool! One side is the Strider spanner wrench and the other is a 1/4 hex drive bit holder. The PSD Monkey Wrench is a must have for those with Strider folders. Made from double tempered stainless 440C tool steel. The Strider pivots are among the strongest in the business but require a specialized tool to adjust tension. The centering pin on these bits keeps the them from slipping and scratching your knives. PVC covers for the bit ends to keep them from getting dinged up. The PSD Monkey Wrench tool is superbly designed and machined to have no hard edges. With the caps, it is really 'pocket friendly'.
Please note: Strider Knives does not recommend total disassembly of their folders. Please use tool only to adjust pivot tension. If your pivot is extra tight, apply some heat to loosen the locktite adhesive. Please also note that these will not fit the PT models.
  • Pivot end fits Strider Knives SNG, SMF, AR, and GB folders (does not fit PT models)
  • Hex end will accept standard 1/4 bits
  • Precision machined in USA
  • 440C Heat treated tool steel
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