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Kingdom Armory Reliquarium Collection: Caja de la Llorona Yubitsume
Kingdom Armory Reliquarium Collection: Caja de la Llorona Yubitsume
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Dave Rydbom has a killer style, and his Reliquarium Collection (much like his Heritage Collection) focuses on sourcing awesome pieces from the past and breathing new life into them. Whether it's vintage glasswork, lab equipment, meat cleavers or rosary beads, Dave turns the mundane into the extraordinary!

An Armory of Curiosities 'Caja De La Llorona" ('box of the crying witch' yubitsume piece)
In Dave's words:
A mixed media, multiple
discipline piece encompassing Custom Knifemaking, Ceramic Sculpture & Heritage Collection vintage acquisition and restoration practices.

A"yubitsume" board taken to the
extreme, intended to convey the weight of atonement by removal of the finger to pacify the Witch. Whether that is weight paid to atone for past deeds done in error... Or prepaid to protect your children from La Llorona., the function is the same; the witch will have her piece! Piece includes early to mid century, handmade pharmacy scale made from quarter sawn oak and micarta. Original manufactured in the US for an Amsterdam Pharmacy, located and shipped back to the KA shop from Amsterdam in 2019. Box was restored, cleaned, and repurposed for the art installation. New glass cut and installed. Internal balance beam scale assembly checked and tuned, left side fitted with hand sculpted "witches finger" done by Dave. Finger is sculpted out of high fired stoneware clay, vitrified and glazed, then antiqued and distressed to more closely resemble an old preserved finger. Lead 1/2 lb weight is late 1800's, shipped from eastern Europe for use in this project (* scales lock down by twisting knob in front of case, install finger and balance plate then twist to unlock and allow movement)
One off custom Tanto Fixed Blade fabricated from CPM 154 heat treated by Bos. Hand flat ground and decorated with a high polished etched floral pattern. Brass liners under Snakewood scales. Handle is contoured in a manner to allow the "canted'" display of the blade on the board.
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