Paracord: Type III 550 Parachute Cord (Various Colors)

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About a zillion uses, no bail out pack should be without some "550 cord" this is type III cord in various colors. Sold in 50 foot (roughly 15 meters) sections. If you order two 50 foot sections, you will get one 100 foot long piece of cord. FYI: It takes about 50 feet to wrap most Strider knives fixed blade handles.

PLEASE NOTE: Certain shades of cord are more open to interpretation. Things like "Coyote" and "OD Green" can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer with a million different shade variations, and camo patterns can vary a bit. We will add a new color if things are WAY different, but we will group colors and patterns that are very similar. Just saying it so you don't expect to buy "OD GREEN" cord from us to perfectly match the cord on some product you have already that you think looks "OD GREEN", or that the maker said was "OD GREEN". What your eyes see, and what the makers supplier might call "OD Green", might be different than ours.
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