Kingdom Armory Rydbom Heritage Collection - Swedish Killing Axe

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As the name implies, this Swedish-forged axe head was design for some pretty grisly work. Forged by Sater Yxabricken circa 1905-1915 (check out the pics for some of the piece's heritage), it is a variation design based off Swedish hewing axes. The main change is the hammer added to the poll, making this well suited for butcher's killing work (basically, this axe does it all from braining the animal to chopping it into more manageable parts). Normally, this add-on is done as an aftermarket addition to a hewing axe, but this one is a more rare bird in that it was constructed with the hammer direct form the maker. David completely stripped, descaled and restored it into the amazing piece you are now seeing. Dave kept some of the vintage character on it while cleaning it up to be more in line with what its condition would have been while in service. White ash handle from Boletus Trinity in Quebec makes this guy just beg to go back to work! Crafted leather blade cover.

About the Rydbom Heritage Collection: David Rydbom started Kingdom Armory due to his passion for craftsmanship and desire to create. In many ways inspired by those before him that crafted durable goods meant to last generations. The Heritage Collection was conceived as a 'tip of the hat' to those that came before. Honoring their blood and sweat by restoring and reimagining their work so it can live on for many more generations to come. These vintage tool heads have be sourced from all over Europe. They come to the Rydbom workshop where David completely restores them and ads touches of that signature Kingdom Armory design language. They then take a trip to Canada where Boletus Trinity crafts a custom, handmade, hardwood handle. Every piece is a 'one of a kind' link between craftsmen separated by generations and thousands of miles.

  • Overall Handle Length: 20.75 in
  • Edge Length: 7.875 in
  • Weight: 5 lbs 3 oz
  • Blade Material: Carbon steel
  • Included: Leather blade cover
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