Kingdom Armory Reliquarium Collection: Science and Religion - Scissors and Sutures

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Dave Rydbom has a killer style, and his Reliquarium Collection (much like his Heritage Collection) focuses on sourcing awesome pieces from the past and breathing new life into them. Whether it's vintage glasswork, lab equipment, meat cleavers or rosary beads, Dave turns the mundane into the extraordinary! This piece from his "Science and Religion" series features a vintage cylindrical separatory funnel perched on a Bunsen burner. Within sits three vials containing catgut sutures (sourced from eastern Europe, of course!). Atop the pyrex funnel sits a pair of antique scissors, restored and refinished with textured detaisl and two tone satin etched filagree. The Science and Religion series takes sourced lab equipment sourced from the US and Russias. Dave then refinishes each piece into a piece of art with a real story behind, mixing two of the greatest forces of human life that are often in competition with one another. A unique piece from the Science and Religion collection (see set in last picture).

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  • Height: 18.5 inches tall (with scissors)
  • Width: 3.75 inches wide
  • Included: Funnel, burner stand, scissors, display stand
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