Jeremy Horton Shawty Wharnfliffe Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

Short Description

Monkey Vault items are personal items from the collections of the crew. They are not for sale.

Jeremy is a trip. It has been a blast to watch his career. Dude just decided he wanted to make knives because he did not have the money for a Strider PT. A few short years later, through force of will, and hard work, he is kicking major ass and putting out some truly cool gear. It's cool, because even as he has become more popular, he still does not give a s**t and will tell it like it is. He is best known for his distinctive grind style. He does awesome chisel grinds that he uses a strop to put the final polish on the edge. They are always stupid sharp and look bitchin! Jermey knows I am a sucker for wharncliffes, a couple years ago I saw him with this Shawty in a wharnie profile and put the screws to him till it was mine! Simple, no nonsense, design that feels great in the hand and is easy to carry.

Special Note

Monkey Vault items are not for sale. We just wanted to share some of them from time to time. Items in this section are for informational purposes only and are not for sale.

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