Hinderer System: Titanium Pen Attachment Set

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This attachment will fit all Hinderer System Modular Kubatons. This attachment allows you to add pen utility to the Hinderer System Modular Kubaton (either long or short body). The attachment is actually a three piece set: the pen tip, cap, and end attachment that retains the cap while writing. It uses the Fisher Space Pen Universal Refill Model #SU4f. The Fisher pen is pressurized so it can write upside down and in harsh conditions. If you are not worried about retaining the cap while writing, you can use one of the other Hinderer attachment tips which allow for level of force options.

Something to consider if you are evaluating this vs. a Hinderer System Extreme Duty pen, is that this uses a much smaller pen cartridge. Meaning, if you primarily want a self defense tool that can be used or passed as a pen, this is the ticket. If you primarily want a pen that can be used for defense, then we would suggest you look at the Extreme Duty pens as they use a full size pen refill.
-Precision machined titanium
-Designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology
-Complete modular design allowing for user configuration
-Compatible with all Hinderer System Modular Kubatons
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