Ernest Emerson CQC-6 Half Moon Logo Lefty Friendly - Storyteller

Short Description

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A very early CQC-6 with some unique features. I call this guy "the storyteller" 6. It has been carried and used. You see, in the early days there were no lotteries. Ernie was making these knives were going to users. Many of these users were doing bad things to bad people. This 6 has been used (but not abused) and just oozes character. The micarta scales have a worn in smoothness. The titanium has a great patina. If only this knife could talk!

Of course the obvious: this guy has the infamous "Half Moon" Emerson logo indicating a very early knife from between 1991-94. The earlier 6's also had what is referred to as a threaded bolster. The pivot screw threads directly into the clip side titanium bolster (as opposed to later and current versions that has a female fastener). This knife also has the unique feature of having both bolsters thumb scalloped. In addition, this scallop also flows through the liner lock bar. Speculation is that this was an option from Ernie in the early days to make the knife a bit more friendly for left handed use. Early Benchmade pocket clip. This knife has all the cool early features.

In keeping with the "old school" theme, the Storyteller 6 was photographed on an old Eagle Industries MP5 3 mag pouch.

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Monkey Vault items are not for sale. We just wanted to share some of them from time to time. Items in this section are for informational purposes only and are not for sale.

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