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HiTex Gear Chip - Titanium TRD Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern PSD Designs Titanium Clobber Bead Starlingear Leather Bullion Bag: Leather Two Tone RMJ Tactical Fixed Blade: Unmei - Textured Zombie Green
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HiTex Gear Chip - Titanium TRD Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern PSD Designs Titanium Clobber Bead Starlingear Leather Bullion Bag: Leather Two Tone RMJ Tactical Fixed Blade: Unmei - Textured Zombie Green

About HiTex Gear Chips: Coins are one of those items that every man, women and child has an affinity towards. They represent currency and value. They settle disputes. They bring you luck. They hone your hand-eye coordination. They are sources of entertainment when all you have is a coin and some imagination. They preserve history and make new memories. Be it a talisman or a trophy, coins always have a use in every day life. One of the most iconic representation of the coin is, naturally, the poker chip. From the thrills and adventure of the Southwest to dreams of high stakes, tuxedos and martinis, or just Saturday night with your best pals, the poker chip is an icon. HiTex Gear saw the need for a precision-made representation of the universally recognized design created from premium materials. Keep it on you for a quick decision maker, put out or defend the challenge with it, or just carry one to elevate your EDC! Offered in small batches with limited edition designs and made in the USA with US sourced materials.

About this Chip: This Chip is two fistfuls of Monkey Edge greatness! Machined from titanium, the Chip features the Maverick Monkey on one side, and Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern on the other. Finished with a matte black finish. Made in a limited edition batch just for your Monkey Pals!

Note: Product listing is for one chip.

We will admit, every time Paul lets on that he has some new project in the works, we start salivating a little. After MONTHS of mentioning his new bead was nearing completion and almost ready to show the world, we finally got in a nice little packing from PSD. After tearing it open like it was Christmas morning, we got eyes on what we had been dreaming of... and our brains proceeded melted out of our ears. Paul has always been the master of designing and creating precision made pieces of functional EDC artwork, and the Clobber Bead continues this legacy. The Clobber Bead's design consists of a ball end with 11 spikes, and a cylindrical 'handle' that extends past the spikes and terminates in a rounded pommel with flats and lanyard hole. While our smooth little brains are recovering from the data flowing from optical inputs, Paul was kind enough to provide some specs on the Clobber Bead:

  • Machined from 6Al4V titanium, coming in at 10 grams
  • Bead consists of 12 individually precision machined parts
  • Eleven 'spikes' are precision pressed into the main body, and will not fall out
  • Each 'spike' has a rounded tip so it does not come to a sharp point

These titanium beads are perfect to tie on your folder lanyard, hang on a chain or cord around your neck, attach to your keys, or use as zipper pulls (or even putting on your desk or shelf, they are real works of art). Each one comes in at just under 1.5 inches long from tip to end of 'handle', and is just under an inch measured form tip of spike to opposite tip of spike. Being produced from high grade titanium, these weigh almost nothing and are darn near indestructible!

Paul has also devised a cool way to attach the Clobber Bead to a lanyard (pictured above) and has made a video to show you how to make one yourself!

Alright folks, we need to go over one thing about these beads, so don't skip this bit. Using our eyes and logic, you can see that the Clobber Bead features 11 pointed 'spikes' on it. Each spiked cone has a rounded tip, but they are still pretty small in overall size. So in a nutshell, though each cone has been rounded so they don't come to a sharp, hard point, they still have points on them, and if ya didn't know points are pointy and will poke you. They ain't gonna impale you or nothin, but if you sit on it or whack it on your knuckle or something, it is gonna hurt. Understand this before ya buy one. If you get one and want to return it, we will make fun of you, relentlessly.
Another handcrafted in the USA masterpiece from Starlingear. Old school bank silver and gold bullion bags, S-Gear style! Each bag is meticulously hand built using hides hand selected for their character and texture. These bags feature a full leather 'sack' with leather top and bottom reinforcements. Stamped S-Gear logo on top band, and leather cords to tie it closed. When you are rocking mad stacks of coins, this is the way to transport and store them!
Note: Each piece is hand made and hand aged and therefore no two will be exactly the same and may differ a bit from pictured. Does not include any coins or bullion - BYOB (bring your own bullion).

With an Eastern source of inspiration, RMJ Tactical presents the Unmei! This sweeping, small fixed blade is sized just right for a slim and light carry blade that packs a ton of cutting real estate. The upswept blade has no forward bevel for a long, consistent cutting edge and slice-y tip. The upper swedge leads into a subtle harpoon for a bit more tipward reinforcement. The slim handle profile locks in just right for a full grip without any extra wastes space resulting in a near equal grip-to-edge ratio. This means when you grab the handle, very little of the exposed profile is left unsharpened (not including the spine), leaving little area for anyone beside you to gain purchase on or stop the blade. Some extra jimping on the spine for a bit more traction for your thumb. The variation features a zombie green Cerakote finish for corrosion resistance. The beveled and contoured black G10 grips features texturing for a not too aggressive but secure grip. The blade flats have been hand textured. Comes with molded kydex scabbard with pull the dot snap loops ready for horizontal and vertical carry.

Shirogorov Tool Pen: Blue Tumbled Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern (NeOn Zero) Blackside Customs Lighter - Brass 1941 Microbatch RMJ Tactical Axe: Weezerker (80CRV2) Chris Reeve Knives Folder: Mnandi - Box Elder Burl/Raindrop Damascus
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Shirogorov Tool Pen: Blue Tumbled Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern NeOn Zero Blackside Customs Lighter - Brass 1941 Microbatch RMJ Tactical Axe: Weezerker (80CRV2) Chris Reeve Knives Folder: Mnandi - Box Elder Burl/Raindrop Damascus
The ultimate way to keep your Shirogorov knife up and running in tip-top shape while not adding extra tools to your setup! The new Shirogorov Tool Pen in Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern is here! Whether you are looking for a killer new FRAG pen, or need a tool to service your knife, these pens are the ticket! Perfect for the Shirogorov aficionado, or the most avid pen collector! Solid titanium construction with fine tumbled blue anodized finish. These pens are packed full of goodies:

  • Solid titanium construction with some awesome Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern
  • Cap doubles as bit driver for included bits
  • Included bits for Shirogorov NeOn Zero Pivot and Frame screws*
  • Bits store inside the pen body - never loose 'em and always have 'em for an emergency
  • Machined titanium pocket clip with Shirogorov and Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern logos
  • FRAG Pattern body give extra grip
*Note: These pens were designed to work with the NeOn Zero. The included bits might fit other Shirogorov hardware, but that is not guaranteed. NeOn Zero Knife not included. Some pictures show other color variations.

Blackside Customs was born with the goal of bringing excellence in design and craftsmanship to the portions of your EDC kit that are typically overlooked. The next step in their quest for EDC domination is the Blackside Customs Lighter! This extra large flip-top lighter is machined in the USA from a solid chunk of brass! The robust design features rounded edges for comfortable carry and a pinned hinge to stand up to daily use. These are larger than your average Zippo, making it easy to manipulate with cold or gloved hands. Each lighter weighs 5.5 ounces and has a genuine Zippo windproof lighter insert inside. This variations features Blackside's "1941" design with multi color Cerakote finish, engraved designs and weathered details, matching other Blackside 1941 Buckles and Pens. Built like a tank so you can carry it anywhere and pass it down to your kids!

Notes on Brass: This is a disclaimer for all you folks who slept through high school chemistry class or somehow not aware of the nature of brass. All metals will change colors and looks over time depending on use, environment etc. This is especially true with brass. This means it may get a darker, may change colors with patina, or it may get shiny and polished where it is rubbed by another material (like say your pocket). If ya want it to stay all shiny and new looking, you will have to keep polishing it with a product like Brasso or any of the homegrown solutions you can find with an internet search. OR, you can accept that what makes brass a cool material is that your piece will change over time and tell its own stories and truly become one of a kind.

Tho folks over at RMJ Tactical specialize in making kicka$$ tomahawks and gear, for all sorts of situations and scenarios. Like the name suggests, the Weezerker is the little brother to their traditional Viking wood axe-inspired Berserker. Don't let that fool ya, this thing is still up to chop and smash $#%& up! The head is larger than most of RMJ's 'hawks, and the curved handle really has a great feel to it. In addition to the main edge, the lower forward edge and bottom section of the beard have been sharpened to add some more cutting options. The bearded design allows for a higher grip for finer work. Unlike the Berserker, the Weezerker has a flattened hammer poll instead of a spike for some more utility. The beveled G10 grips feature a diagonal grooved texture for extra grip without be aggressive. The axe features a tungsten Cerakote finish for corrosion resistance. Comes with a bottom-eject molded kydex sheath and Low-Ride M.O.C. straps.

Note: RMJ likes to change steel types between batches. The above pictures will represent the product, but may not reflect the actual steel type used. See spec's below for the steel type used. Also, they like to change the flow lines from time to time, though we try to keep the pictures as up to date as possible.

About this model: This variation has classy Box Elder Burl. Box Elder if found in North America, and features a light yellow/tan body with darker caramel colored grains. These inlays are made from the burl (grain that has grown abnormally due to outside influences on the tree it's from), making it a more rare form of the wood, and the most sought after and premium of the inlays found on Chris Reeve Knives. The blade is ground from Chad Nichols Stainless Raindrop Damascus!
About the Mnandi: Mnandi is the Zulu word for "very nice". The Mnandi from Chris Reeve Knives exemplifies the term. With its clean lines and understated classic elegance, the Manandi is the perfect gentleman's knife. However, being a Chris Reeve knife means that the Mnandi is designed with function and utility in mind and produced to the exacting standards of Chris Reeve Knives.
  • The Integral Lock (frame lock) handle provides excellent lock up and strength.
  • The machined solid titanium pocket clip can be placed on either side.
  • There is a thumb window on the blade that enables the knife to be opened one handed.
  • The Mnandi comes with wood inlays in precision machined pockets on both sides of the frame.

Note: Stock photos are used for inlay and damascus models. We can't take pictures of every single knife. Know yours is totally unique!
Chris Reeve Knives Folder: Sebenza 31 Large Graphic Unique Boomerang Damascus Kingdom Armory Bench Series Rook - Dark Side
Our Price: $800.00
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Our Price: $875.00
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Chris Reeve Knives Folder: Sebenza 31 Large Graphic Unique Boomerang Damascus Kingdom Armory Bench Series Rook - Dark Side
The Next Step Forward in the Sebenza lineage: the Sebenza 31!

Unique Sebenza: CRK is known for their creative and colorful engravings and designs. The Unique series is just that: unique designs engraved onto the knives. Each one is different than the last. They are unique creative designs from the guys and gals building the knives, and every one is a "one-off"!

The Blade:
Classic Drop Point profile ground form stunning Chad Nichols Stainless Boomerang Damascus! Gold anodized satin thumb stud.
The Frame: Unique, multi-color and surface finish design on presentation side frame. Classic bead blasted lock side. Natural satin hardware and gold anodized lanyard pin.

About the Sebenza: Since 1990 The Chris Reeve Sebenza (Zulu word for work) has set the standard for what is possible in a precision manufactured folding knife. Chris Reeve developed the Sebenza Integral Lock (commonly referred to as a frame lock) which is concept of a handle slab to be used as the lock bar for the blade resulting in exceptional strength for hard use. Never one to become complacent, Chris Reeve has consistently looked to improve the Sebenza in both materials and design. The new Sebenza 31 model represents the accumulation of more than 30 years of experience and user feedback. It has grown and evolved from it's predecessors, incorporating new elements such as:
  • Ceramic ball lockbar interface for reliable, durable and smooth lock up and unlock
  • Offset clip lessen's pressure applied to lock bar for easier manipulation
  • No presentation side frame fixture hole for more uniform aesthetics
  • One-piece inlays (for Inlay models) for a classic look
  • Updated manufacturing processes for even tighter tolerances and simpler parts support down the road

Never before available unless built by hand as a full blown custom, Kingdom Armory is proud to officially release a very special collaboration project between Chad Nichols of Nichols Damascus and Dave Rydbom of Kingdom Armory.

In the knife world terminology is often tossed about with little to no regard to how it pertains to the actual product. "Mid-Tech" is one of those terms that has been beaten to death and now seems to mean a million different things to different people. To cut through the fog, David and Kingdom armory is telling you exactly what you are getting. The Bench Series Mid Tech is has a Chad Nichols CNC manufactured frame and a hand ground blade, hand fit and hand finished by a craftsman intimately familiar with the design (ie the guy that designed it) and knife industry's expectations.

  • Titanium framelock 3D milled w/solid backspacer
  • Billet milled Ti clip inset into a recessed pocket for durability
  • Hand Ground blade in CTS-XHP with "Dark Side" acidwashed finish
  • Custom hardware fabricated by Steve Kelly of Ti Connector
  • Dave Rydbom personally fully dissembles, inspects, reassembles, tunes, adjusts and hand sharpens each and every knife.
  • Rick Hinderer Ti LBS used under license
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