Bawidamann Doughboy DB-2 Airweight - Aluminum Black Cerakote

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If you didn't already know, us Monkey's are a bit obsessed with old school militaria, weapons and gear. While we LOVE the pieces that 'used to be made', unfortunately it's not practical to use and carry that gear a lot of the time. Well, Andrew Bawidamann might just be a bigger history nut than us, so when he first told us about bringing the one of the most iconic and infamous pieces of the Great War history to the modern EDC scene, well, color us intrigued. But it's one thing to say, you wanna grab some of that old school style and history and get it to the people. It's quite another to do it RIGHT. Well, Andrew did it right!

Introducing the Doughboy. The iconic M1918 trench knife 'knuckle dagger' is a staple of every kid's dream "weapon's of war" we all wanted to have. In 2020 though, it's not practical nor even easy to acquire an actual 1918 (let alone use one). Andrew, being a lover of all things warfare and military history, saw the need and filled it. The Doughboy is modeled after the legendary blade's most recognizable feature, the 'knuckle' handle. With its flared finger holes and pointed profile, there is no knuckle design quite like the 1918's. But instead of just getting the design drawn up and CNC'd (the easy thing to do), Andrew wanted to both retain the soul of the piece and it's iconic feel. Therefore, just like the original handles over 100 years ago, the Doughboys have been investment cast in the USA using USA-sourced materials. From first spark of a synapse to the piece you hold in your hand, the Doughboy is 100% red-blooded American made, as it should be!

The DB-2 features a dual-finger design that slips into your grip, whether you got big paws or smaller mitts. Paying homage to the original, a clean and simple "U.S. 1918" mark is featured on the handle portion, the remainder of the piece being sterile. These 'Airweight' DB-2's have been cast from A356 Aluminum, given a heavy blasted surface finish and then a final black Cerakote finish. These look like you just dug them out of the ground from a 100 year old battlefield, with the wear that tells the story of a well-utilized tool. The aluminum construction offers keeps things light yet strong.

Know your local laws. We will absolutely make fun of you if you buy one of these and then cancel it for whatever reason. And, we'll charge you a cancellation fee for the transaction fees we had to pay for you not paying attention.

  • Overall Length: 2.73 in tall x 2.5 in wide
  • Thickness: .585 in
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Material: Aluminum
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