American Tomahawk Trench Mace - OD Green

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WWI (1914-1918): The whole world was a mess and sometimes fighting got super nasty, up close, and personal. Now, look at the world in 2020. Hmmmmm, sound familiar? There ain't no ""sporting use"" pretense for the ATC Trench. It's almost two pounds of 100% American made, handheld justice. They roll with bike locks and skateboards, we up the ante and roll with the ATC Trench.

The Head: Carbon steel with OD Green Cerakote finish.
The Handle: Dupont Supertough Nylon 66 with textured grip and OD Green Cerakote finish. What's great about the Nylon, is when ya smash stuff, the vibrations don't hurt ya. Has a lanyard hole on the butt end so ya don't swing it and let it loose and break your neighbors windows.

  • Overall Length: 14 in
  • Overall Height: 14.125 in
  • Weight: 1 pound 8 ounces (without sheath)
  • Head Material: Carbon Steel with Cerakote finish
  • Handle Material: Dupont Supertough Nylon
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