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Fisher House Foundation Charity Auction

Aside from being a killer party, with amazing knives and gear, Muster 2019's goal is to raise as much money as we can for the Fisher House Foundation. They are a charity that helps the ENTIRE US military by providing support to families of service members during their recovery. Each year of the Monkey Muster we have managed to raise more money than the year prior and are looking to smash that record this year thanks to the generous support of the gear makers and our guests. 100% of every dollar spent at the auction gets donated to Fisher House Foundation! This year we are opening up the auction to online bids, take place on item specific posts on the Monkey Edge INSTAGRAM Account (@monkeyedge) as well! So even if you are unable to attend, you can bid on the stellar gear AND help a wonderful cause!

The Rules (PLEASE for the love of GOD read this fine print):

Muster 2019 kicks off at 4pm Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time). Each of the auction items will be displayed at the show with a bid sheet (same as most open bids are handled at shows). In addition to the display and bid sheet at the show, each item up for auction will have its own listing online (details to be announced soon).

In Person Bidders:

People physically attending Muster 2019 will write their name and bid amount on the sheet (like a normal show).

Online Bidders:

You will place your bid as a reply to the Instagram post of the item you want. There will be a Monkey Crew Staff member dedicated to writing your online bids on the physical bid sheets at the show. This Monkey Crew Staff member will also update the Instagram posts with the highest bid amount every 5-10 minutes or so (and more frequently at the end of the auction). On the actual Auction Post, NO COMMENTS, JUST BIDS. No "DM" Bids. You want it, you comment with your bid.

Bid Increments:

Bids will start in $25 dollar increments to keep things moving along. As things move up in price, we will bump up the increments accordingly to keep things moving along.

Auction conclusion:

The bidding will continue in person and online until 8pm AZ time. However, to account for internet time and as an “anti-sniping” measure, the auctions will automatically extend until there have been no bids placed for 15 minutes after the last high bid. When 15 minutes have passed with no bidding activity, the auction closes. The highest bidder will then win the item. Note: whether the bids are in person, or online, it does not matter. The most bucks donated wins the item!

Payment from online bidders:

Must be in the form of a check or money order. If you are outside the USA, we will accept wire transfers. Sorry, no credit cards, PayPal, etc. All money goes to Fisher House and processing fees and such is an accounting nightmare. Payment from online bidders is expected to arrive to us by the following Friday (April 12th.) PLEASE understand that your online bid is a commitment that you intend to honor. Aside from being a lame way to live your life, backing out on your bid also screws the Fisher House charity. WE WILL RELENTLESSLY AND VERY PUBLICLY SHAME AND TRASH TALK ANYBODY WHO BACKS OUT ON THEIR BID.

Payment from in person bidders:

Cash or check is expected upon auction closing.

Shipping for online bidders:

Monkey Edge will pay the cost of domestic (inside the USA) shipping of auction items. Any items going outside the USA, the high bidder will pay the shipping costs. We will contact the high bidder and inform them of their shipping options and costs.

Have Mercy!

So, we think we have this system pretty well worked out, but please realize that we are not trained professional auctioneers like Christie's or Sotheby's. We are opening this to the worldwide online audience rather than just those that are able to attend the show in order to raise the most for charity. In other words: if there does happen to be any hiccups, keep yer pissing and moaning to yerselves cause we are just a bunch of idiots trying to raise as much as we can for a good cause!

*100% of the purchase price of all lottery items will be donated to Fisher House Foundation.

Click here for more information on their organization.

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