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How it works:

This year we are going to a more traditional lottery format (similar to TKI and the Santa Barbra show) where each person will be given a book of entries with one entry per knife.

Why are we going traditional compared to the way we did it in the past?

To be honest, just to keep things more simple. Many folks were confused by the format. Now it will be really easy: one entry per person, per knife. The knives will be displayed just like in years past. Each will have it's own blind entry box and a price for the piece. If you want to enter for the chance to purchase that knife, just drop the designated entry in that slot.

After the cut off time, the boxes will be collected, and the Monkey Staff (supervised by USN Suspects) will hold the actual drawings

All knives will be sold at the makers set table price!

Monkey Edge will not be marking the knives up. Example: If your favorite maker would price his folder at $700 at a regular show, the table price here is also $700. The odds of getting knives at table prices has never been better!


Lottery Submissions will be taken Friday 4/10/20 12:00AM until Friday 4/10/20 11:59PM (24 hours, Arizona time).

Lottery Drawing begins Saturday 4/11/2020 10:30 AM

Procedure to enter into lotteries:

  1. Go to the Mega Lotto Page on the site through the link emailed to you.
  2. Add each item you want to enter the lottery for into your shopping cart
  3. Proceed to Checkout
  4. Enter your information like you would a normal order. PUT YOUR ISSUED LOTTO ID NUMBER(S) IN THE ORDER COMMENTS.
  5. Choose the "MEGA LOTTO" Payment method
  6. Submit order
  7. CHECK you order confirmation to make sure all the items you want to enter for are included

Notes on submitting your entries:

  • You will be entered into the lottery for each item your submit on your order. If you do not submit an item, you will not be entered into its lottery.
  • Please combine all entries into one order. If you need to add another item, you can place multiple orders. BUT for our sanity, try to minimize the number of orders you submit to as few as possible.
  • If you are organizing multiple Lotto ID's (husbands and wives, etc), PLEASE be mindful of your entries. If you want both lottery ID's to enter into the same items, you may put all applicable Lotto ID's into your order notes for one order. If you want to put in for different items, please place a separate order grouping each Lotto ID's requested lottery submissions (Basically, if you intend to put in for different items, place an order for each Lotto ID).
  • Lottery submissions will be live from Friday 4/10/20 12:00AM until Friday 4/10/20 11:59PM (24 hours, Arizona time). After the submission window closes, we will no longer take any submissions, no exceptions.
  • If you can't figure this out, write down all the lotto items you want (each item's unique product code will help you make a fast list) and call us/email us, and we will manually enter your items. Phones are on from 10AM to 6 PM (AZ TIME). We will take any emails with submissions until 4/10/2020 11:59 PM AZ time.

Lotto Drawings and winner checkout:

  • We will begin drawing lottery winners at 11AM on Saturday, 4/11/2020.
  • We will be live/streaming the drawing. This will take us a little bit of time to process though all the lottery items.
  • After all the winners and four runners-ups are drawn, we will post a spreadsheet with the data to the Lotto Section.
  • Each winning round will have a set time to respond to claim the item:

Group          Time period to claim

Drawing winners: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

First Round Draw: - 12 PM - 2 PM

Second Round Draw: 2 PM - 4 PM

Third Round Draw: 4 PM - 6 PM

Fourth Round Draw: 6 PM - 8 PM

Fifth Round Draw: 8 PM - 10 PM

*Drawings are 4/11/2020, Times listed are Arizona time

  • We will be contacting each winner at the beginning of round. If you are drawn, DO NOT CONTACT US outside of your time slot.
  • We will send you a link with checkout instructions, and be taking phone orders. If you call us and we do not answer, please wait a bit and call us back (or else use the online checkout link we provide). There are only a couple Monkey Edge employees, and dozens of lottery items. Don't leave a message, call us back!
  • If you do not claim your item in your time slot, you will forfeit the item and will not be able to purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Once an item is claimed, we will update the master sheet to show that the item has been claimed.

Why do we charge to be in the lotteries?

100% of the token purchase price will be donated to Fisher House Foundation. The entry fee has been put in place simply to keep things in check. We don't want anyone bringing a bus load of people to stack their odds!


Are you a maker or company interested in attending Muster 2020? The Muster is open to all and we would love to have you participate. However, it is not a "traditional" knife show where you just write a check and stand behind a table. If you would like to attend, please contact us and we'll get ya the scoop!

Knives from the following makers

More Makers Coming Soon! List reflects Lotto Makers, Charity Auction Makers and Open Sales.

- Bawidamann Knives - Chris Reeve Knives - Brian Fellhoelter - Les George - Hinderer Knives
- Kingdom Armory - RJ Martin - Mummert Knives - Nottingham Tactical - RMJ Tactical
- Steve Ryan - Spartan Blades - Starlingear - Strider Knives - Mick Strider
- Tuff Writer - Joe Watson - Richard Rogers - JW Smith - Brad Southard
- Duane Dwyer - Aaroneous Blades - David Sharp - Attn2Detail Mercantile - Ed Cope
- Aaron Frederick - Greg Medford - KC Gray - Deadwood Custom Works


*100% of the purchase price of all lottery tokens will be donated to Fisher House Foundation. Click here for more information on their organization.

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