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How it works:

This year we are going to a more traditional lottery format (similar to TKI and the Santa Barbra show) where each person will be given a book of entries with one entry per knife.

Why are we going traditional compared to the way we did it in the past?

To be honest, just to keep things more simple. Many folks were confused by the format. Now it will be really easy: one entry per person, per knife. The knives will be displayed just like in years past. Each will have it's own blind entry box and a price for the piece. If you want to enter for the chance to purchase that knife, just drop the designated entry in that slot.

After the cut off time, the boxes will be collected, and the Monkey Staff (supervised by USN Suspects) will hold the actual drawings.

The winning customers will be sent a text message to come and pay for their knife.

The party doesn't have to stop, no straining to hear what name is called. You just hang out, drink, and wait until your phone beeps!

All knives will be sold at the makers set table price!

Monkey Edge will not be marking the knives up. Example: If your favorite maker would price his folder at $700 at a regular show, the table price here is also $700. The odds of getting knives at table prices has never been better!

Why do we charge to be in the lotteries?

100% of the token purchase price will be donated to Fisher House Foundation. The entry fee has been put in place simply to keep things in check. We don't want anyone bringing a bus load of people to stack their odds!

Knives from the following makers

More to come, you know how knife makers are all last minute and stuff!

*Cannot attend the event, but will be sending goods!

A2D Mercantile Bawidamann Blades Chris Reeve Knives Ed Cope*
Brian Fellhoelter Aaron Frederick Les George John Gray*
Rick Hinderer Kingdom Armory Matt Martin* RJ Martin
Mazur Customs Medford Knives Mummert Knives Nottingham Tactical
Rod Olson RMJ Tactical Richard Rogers Steve Ryan
JW Smith* Brad Southard Spartan Blades Starlingear
Strider Knives Mick Strider Custom TuffWriter Joe Watson


*100% of the purchase price of all lottery tokens will be donated to Fisher House Foundation. Click here for more information on their organization.

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