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Monkey Muster has gone Virtual! See the Main page for details on the show gear.

There are basically three ways to get the show exclusive stuff:

Mega Monkey Lotto:

The Monkey Muster lotteries have always impressed with an amazing selection of custom knives available at . Click here for details.

Open Sale 1st Come, 1st Served

You don't have to luck out in the Mega Monkey Lotto to score awesome gear. There will be an outstanding selection of exclusive knives and gear available.


Ish Renteria, Starlingearís master of braided leather, will be set up to make custom gear for guests. Get the perfect bracelet or lanyard made to order in a variety of colors not normally available.

Live/Online Fisher House Auction

We have opened up the charity auction to online bidders, just in case you can't make it to the show!

Of course, everything that Monkey Edge regularly sells is also available at Monkey Muster!

Show Exclusive sales will go live at 4PM on Saturday, 4/11/2020.

We will have a page on the site dedicated to the Show Exclusive sales items, listing each one. We will email each RSVP holder a link to that page.

DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK, or any links to any of the Show Exclusive items! We will be checking orders to make sure only RSVP guests are purchasing. If you share a link to non-RSVP's, it will create more work for us and tie up gear that might go out of stock for a certain amount of time (and create a confusing mess). SO PLEASE, donít share links. If you are not an RSVP holder and you find yourself looking at an exclusive item, don't but it. We are checking, so you will just be wasting out time and money in processing fees, and we won't be thrilled with you. Any items that are left unsold after the 'event' will be posted online for first come, first served sales.

Each item on in the Show Exclusive Section is limited to one per RSVP unless otherwise noted.

  • EXAMPLE 1: If you are managing just your own RSVP, you can purchase one of each item.
  • EXAMPLE 2: If you are managing two RSVP's (for example, a husband managing his and his wife's RSVP's), you can order two items.


Are you a maker or company interested in attending Muster 2020? The Muster is open to all and we would love to have you participate. However, it is not a "traditional" knife show where you just write a check and stand behind a table. If you would like to attend, please contact us and we'll get ya the scoop!

Knives from the following makers

More Makers Coming Soon! List reflects Lotto Makers, Charity Auction Makers and Open Sales.

- Bawidamann Knives - Chris Reeve Knives - Brian Fellhoelter - Les George - Hinderer Knives
- Kingdom Armory - RJ Martin - Mummert Knives - Nottingham Tactical - RMJ Tactical
- Steve Ryan - Spartan Blades - Starlingear - Strider Knives - Mick Strider
- Tuff Writer - Joe Watson - Richard Rogers - JW Smith - Brad Southard
- Duane Dwyer - Aaroneous Blades - David Sharp - Attn2Detail Mercantile - Ed Cope
- Aaron Frederick - Greg Medford - KC Gray - Deadwood Custom Works
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