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Due to coronavirus, we have had to move Monkey Muster to an online format. Please read the new plan and get in touch with us!

Virtual Muster Show Schedule:

The Fisher House Charity Auctions, Monkey Mega Lotto Drawings and Show Sales will be held on 4/11/2020.

  • Lotto Drawings will take place 4/11/2020 11:00 AM (see entry details below)
  • Show Gear sales will start on 4/11/2020 at 4:00 PM. (see details below)
  • Fisher House Auctions will begin at 5 PM.

*All times listed are Arizona time. Also, we are apes and this is new territory, so if we start something 10 minutes late cut us some slack!

As of the time of this writing, no RSVP has been altered. The new RSVP options are:

  • Lotto RSVP: New Price $30. We will refund the difference of $45. Proceeds still go to the Fisher House. This RSVP gets you into the Monkey Mega Lotto, Fisher House Charity Auctions and show exclusive gear sales.
  • Entry RSVP: New Price: $10. We will refund the difference of $15. Your entry fee goes directly to the Fisher House charity. This gives you access to the Fisher House Charity Auctions and show exclusive gear sales.

Since we were so close to being sold-out for the Muster RSVP before the physical show was canceled, we are keeping the RSVP closed. If you are in, you are in!

We will allow any ‘Entry’ RSVP to upgrade to a Lotto RSVP while there are spots available. We are keeping the same limit on RSVP’s as always, so once the spots fill up, that’s it.

All RSVP Pre-orders for Primate Express Cards and T-Shirts will be mailed to you. RSVP is still required to get your pre-order items. Just let us know what you want to do.

Monkey Mega Lotto Rules and Procedure:
The Mega Lotto will function more or less like at the show, just in an online format. Imagine having your own on-site robot that will enter your lotto tokens into whichever lotto box you want!
We will have a product listing for each Lotto item posted on the site, with a simple procedure to enter into the lotteries you want. The lottery items will be listed on the site for 24 hours, giving you ample time to browse and submit your entries. This time period will be 4/10/2020 12 AM to 11:59 PM. Once that submission time is over, we will physically enter the correct lottery token into the correct lotto box (no late submissions will be accepted). We will then randomly draw the winners and runner-ups. Drawings will start 4/11/2020 @ 11:00 AM, and will be live-streamed.
We will take all of the lotto winning drawings and enter them into a spreadsheet, which will be posted for view online. We will then start contacting each winner with checkout details. Each round will have a predetermined number of hours for the winners to finalized payment. Once that time is up we will move to the next round, contact winners, and so on.

Show Exclusive Gear:
Since we no longer have an ‘entry time’ for the show to start and a physical booth to buy gear at, we will be doing this virtually. Just like at the show, we will still hold the same rules on limits regarding purchases per guest. There will be an exclusive section of gear for Muster gear for your to browse. Like all our online sales, this gear will be sold at a “first paid and checkout, first served” basis. While these products will be “hidden” on the site from normal view, there will be links that lead to the items. We will be checking all orders to be sure the purchases came from RSVP guests. Please don’t make our lives harder than they have to be by distributing info to folks that did not RSVP. We will not be happy with anyone that does.

Fisher House Charity Auction
This aspect of the Muster is mostly unchanged, except that now all of the auction participants will be online. We will have a Facebook listing for each Auction item. Please see the Fisher House Auction rules for more details regarding bidding and payments.

If none of this works for you:
If you no longer wish to participate in the Muster, let us know and we will get your RSVP canceled and refunded. Once cancelled, you cannot RSVP again. Please call or email us with any questions, (and reference your RSVP order number if possible). As of this time, we have not cancelled or refunded any RSVP’s. If you have requested it beforehand, please let the team know again. Thanks!


Thanks to the generous support of attending knife makers, Monkey Muster has become known for having an incredible assortment of knives and gear all available at the maker's table prices! The unique format of the Mega Monkey Lotto keeps things interesting.

Click Here for more details.


Virtual Muster has all the free eCocktails you can drink! *Please eDrink responsibly.


Our goal with Muster 2020 is to throw an amazing party, with amazing knives, and raise a ton of dough for charity through the Fisher House Foundation. We kind of had a spontaneous auction break out with knife makers kicking in stuff and people bidding away for charity. Well, this year we have an actual plan, so be prepared to bid on some cool gear for a great cause!


Are you a maker or company interested in attending Muster 2020? The Muster is open to all and we would love to have you participate. However, it is not a "traditional" knife show where you just write a check and stand behind a table. If you would like to attend, please contact us and we'll get ya the scoop!

Knives from the following makers

More Makers Coming Soon! List reflects Lotto Makers, Charity Auction Makers and Open Sales.

- Bawidamann Knives - Chris Reeve Knives - Brian Fellhoelter - Les George - Hinderer Knives
- Kingdom Armory - RJ Martin - Mummert Knives - Nottingham Tactical - RMJ Tactical
- Steve Ryan - Spartan Blades - Starlingear - Strider Knives - Mick Strider
- Tuff Writer - Joe Watson - Richard Rogers - JW Smith - Brad Southard
- Duane Dwyer - Aaroneous Blades - David Sharp - Attn2Detail Mercantile - Ed Cope
- Aaron Frederick - Greg Medford - KC Gray - Deadwood Custom Works

*100% of the purchase price of all lottery tokens will be donated to Fisher House Foundation.
Click Here for more information on their organization.

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