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Starlingear is a Southern California based company that produces hand crafted, heirloom quality jewelry and goods. Established in 1998 by artist Ryk Maverick, Starlingear sets the standard in design and craftsmanship. While others have relied on outsourced production, and marketing photos of celebrities wearing free jewelry, Starlingear has chosen to stand on the integrity of their products. Each piece is designed and hand carved by Ryk. Production is kept in house where the Starlingear craftsmen use old world techniques to hand make each item. No two pieces are exactly the same and each reveals its own character as a result. Starlingear continues to push the boundaries with materials such as copper, iron, and titanium. Casting these materials into the high detail pieces Starlingear is known for is a feat in and of itself.

Starlingear Bead: Cock Textured - Silver Starlingear Bead: Cock Textured - Copper Relic Starlingear Boot Lacers: Gear Slickster Relic Copper Textured/Silver (Set of 2) Starlingear Ring: Slickster Gear Face Signet (Silver/Brass/Copper)
Ace Metal Works Bead: Ace Ming Skull - Copper Ace Metal Works Bead: Ace Ming Skull Textured - Silver Starlingear Leather Legal Tenderizer Bank Bag Starlingear Ring: Stealth Puncher - Titanium Two Tone
Starlingear Ring: Devil Bruiser 2016 Puncher - Titanium Iridescent Starlingear Ring: Slickster Puncher - Titanium Purple/Teal Ryk Stamp Starlingear Ring: Slickster Puncher - Titanium Green Starlingear Ring: Killer Puncher - Titanium Two Face
Starlingear Ring: Slickster Flight Styler - Titanium Two Tone
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